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Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpets with a truckmount machine using over 220+ degrees means you can have your carpets cleaned without using any soaps or chemicals. If you don't have pets and you always take off your shoes, I personally would only use fresh water. If you have pets and/or kids you will most likely want to use a mild green detergent. Just like washing clothes, sometimes you need more than just hot water. This new machine also has enough suction to have your carpets dry in just a few hours (Rooms with ceiling vans will dry in less than an hour). I carry my own fresh water tank meaning I don't need to hook up to any water at your house to ensure no broken or stripped pipes. Carpet cleaning is a science of temperature and water presure to ensure no burns or flooded carpets. Trust somebody who owns his own company and builds his reputation on his quality of work. I don't hire some kid to come into your house like most companies while the owners just get rich sitting at home. I do everything myself weither it's giving you the estimate, cleaning your carpets or extracting that nasty smelly sewer water backups that happen more often than you can imagine. Once you meet me you'll never trust anybody else with your house. Trust an honest smart guy that cares.

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning your Upholstery is very important to do at least once a year. If you knew the amount of dirt and dead skin alone would scare you enough to not even want to sit on your couches. Having young kids and pets around is always hard keeping stains off couches. Homeowners spend thousands of dollars on couches. Have them cleaned once a year and ensure they last forever.  I use the best solutions to ensure all spots come clean. Also not leaving any residue behind to cause the stain to come back. 

Rug & Mattress Cleaning

Rug cleaning is something that can be cleaned every other year (Depending on if it's your pets favorite spot). It's a process that requires the rug to be cleaned off site and brought back to the customer's house in about 2 days. Most times rugs have to be Cleaned on both sides several times or to be soaked in a bath depending on the thickness and quality of rug to ensure the rug is throughly cleaned. In short it just takes time to do it right. Never have your rugs cleaned on wood floors or tile. It can damage your floors and the rugs. 

Mattress cleaning is what it is. Whether it's Pets, Kids, Elders or Adults that just had too much fun the night before. I use a Bio Modifier that will actually eat away at the urine and reduce the smell and stain. Sometimes mattress can cost thousands of dollars. Don't be embarrassed or wastefull just clean it. 

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Water Damage

Don't re out-fit your pets. They might love water but you never want it in your house. Water damage is a very serious issue that if not taken cared of properly can cause mold and death. Flooding in your house isn't always the end of the world. Most water losses if using the right restoration company can cost less than your insurance deductible. Of course the owners of the restoration companies won't tell you that and they'll want to charge your insurance companies thousands of dollars and have equipment in your house for weeks. That's how they make their money. Now sometimes you will need to go through your insurance company and I use all the same prices and programming that the insurance companies use so all you need to do is open the claim and I do everything else. Trust an owner with your water damage. I can dry most houses in just 2 days and without having to rip apart the whole house. Don't count on uncertified hired help with low pay that comes and goes at many of these restoration companies. I'm going to be in business for the next 40+ years. I take pictures everyday showing wet readings and only removing the equipment when I have pictures showing dry readings. Insurance companies love me. You'll never have any mold or odor issues using Dirty Paws. I'm certified and I've been doing this work for over 10 years now. The most important part is I actually care about people. 

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning is always nice for someone else to do. Nobody likes the old school way of comet and a toothbrush. There is a better way. I can clean them in minutes and then it's very important to wipe a sealer over it and then your done till next year. It's that simple. Never have to clean your tile & grout again. I can also clean tile floors in other locations in your house as well as counter tops. Free Estimates. I can also seal it if you need it or I can save you some money and show you how to quickly seal it yourself. 

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Pet Odor & Red Stain Removel

Pets and Kids. Gotta love them. Pets make mistakes sometimes of no fault of their own. It is what it is but you definitely don't want it in your carpet and pad. Sometimes depending on the size of your pets it can actually stain into the sub floor. Most times you can treat the issue using a bio modifier that will actually break down the nastyness. Then you can clean it with a 220+ degree Carpet machine with enough suction to remove everything. Sometimes you need to pull up the pad (replace pad) and treat the sub floor as well as clean and treat both sides of the carpet. It sounds like a lot but that's why you hire someone like me that will save you the most money and do it the right way. 

Red stains are usually caused by kool-aid or red wine. Red stain removel success depends mostly on how long has the stain been there as well is how dark the area is from sunlight and how much people walk on the stain. It's a process that requires a chemical, white cotton towel and a clothes iron. It takes about a few minutes per stain and usually is an extra charge when cleaning carpets. I've also responded after hours on a Emergency calls to remove red wine stains at parties. Sometimes wine stains can cost you thousands of dollars on carpet replacement. If you can get to it within an hour it's more of a 99% that it will come clean instead of waiting to the next day where then it's 50% chance of coming clean. 

Carpet Repair (Patches, Restretching)

Don't replace carpet when all it needs is a patch or to be stretched. Stretching carpet can be cheap and easy if you get to it soon enough. If you let it go too long the carpet backing will actually separate (delaminate) and will actually rip or tear when stretched.

Pets usually rip up the thresholds of the carpet when locked up in rooms for too long. Don't replace it just patch it. Most times homeowners will have extra carpet on hand but if you don't you can always take some carpet from a closet and replace the closet with the most similar carpet where it's never going to be seen anyways. 

Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning will cut down on dusting, sneezing and help you live a healthy life. If you ever wonder why your sick all the time or have headaches when you're in your home but fine when outdoors? Ever have your Air Ducts cleaned? It's amazing what some people are breathing on a daily basis. Air Duct cleaning doesn't have to break the bank like most companies over charge for. Call, email or text for current prices. You'd be surprised how affordable it can be once you hire an owner that does all the work and actually knows how to run a company. Call Dirty Paws today and breathe fresh air again. 

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